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How do you make going to the dentist fun for kids?

Many parents often ask us: "How do you make going to the dentist fun for kids?"

At Safari Children's Dentistry, your child's comfort is our number one priority. Our board-certified pediatric dentists have 2 additional years of training to understand the age-appropriate dental health needs of your child. After all, children are not little adults!

Our pediatric dentists are always trying to find creative ways to make it enjoyable for your child. We know that every child has different personalities and different interests so we do our best to tailor their dental appointments. Some children may be slow to warm up and some are more outgoing at the dentist.

For example, we love it when siblings come together to their dental appointments. Children are more likely to be cooperative when they are able to be interactive and hands-on. Often dental fear is due to the unknown. So, why not have the more shy sibling be a helper so he/she can see what is going to happen at the dental appointment?

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