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Pediatric Dentists Outreach to Burlington Elementary School

Safari Children's Dentist's pediatric dentists had a wonderful time visiting Mohawk Gardens in South Burlington (for the second year!) Our first graders had a "community leader" curriculum for the fall and so our pediatric dentists were asked to come out and teach the kids about what it means to be a "Pediatric Dentist."

We explained how we only treated children's teeth and not adult's teeth. We also brought our 2 puppet animal friends: Amy the Alligator and Mike the Monkey to teach the kids how to brush their teeth. We explained that it was important to take care of their dental health. We had two little volunteers come up and pretend to be dentists. They used our large mirror and toothbrushes to show the class what dentists do when they have patients! We were also very happy to see that our first graders knew a lot about brushing and teeth!

After we finished, it was question and answer time. This means that our friends had to raise their hand and ask a question. And, of course, a question is a sentence that starts with "who," "what," "when," "where," and "how."

Our first graders were very enthusiastic and asked great questions.

Here are some of the fun questions our new friends asked:

"Why do dentists clean our teeth when we brush our teeth everyday?"

"Why do baby teeth fall off?"

The Safari Children's Dentists had a great time at Mohawk Gardens. We even gave each of our new friends a suprise loot bag filled with Halloween toothbrushes and Halloween stickers/prizes to get the kiddos into the Halloween spirit.

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