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Milton Pediatric Dentist discuss importance of keeping teeth white.

There are THREE main ways for a teen to get a brighter smile:


1. Whitening Toothpastes


These toothpastes contain chemicals or polishing agents that can give great results if teeth are darker solely due to surface stains. Unlike bleaching, these toothpastes do not change the colour of the teeth, they only act as a strong abrasive for removing surface stains.  One last thing, make sure you always choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride because teens are still highly susceptible at getting tooth decay


2.  Over the counter Whitening kits


However, if teeth are darker due to deeper stains caused by injury or certain medications, whitening toothpastes might not give the teen a satisfactory result. We then recommend over the counter whitening kits which can be purchased at any local pharmacy.  Bleaching changes the colour of teeth without removing any tooth structure.  Bleaching is a fairly comfortable and safe procedure.  Some patients may find that their teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold foods, but usually the sensitivity disappears after a few days.  If the sensitivity persists, do not continue using the product and make an appointment with us for an evaluation and to discuss alternatives.


3. Professional Bleaching Kits


If teens or parents are not satisfied with the result of their over the counter whitening kits, a professional bleaching kit may be an option. These usually use the same active ingredients as the pharmacy brands but with higher strengths and must be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional.   Typically, these consist of a bleaching tray filled with gel that is worn at night for about 30-60 minutes. These come in various strengths that can be adjusted according to the amount of whitening needed or the amount of sensitivity that the child experiences 


Make an apppointment to evaluate which method is the best for your teen!

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