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Burlington Oakville Ontario Thumbsucking Thumbsucker Pacifier dental dentist teeth crooked stop

The three things to consider with these habits are:

1. frequency (how often do they suck?)

2. duration (How long do they suck?

3. intensity (Can you hear it across the room?)

Please keep in mind that these habits are normal and most children tend to stop on their own.  However, the habit should be discouraged after the age of 3 because prolonged sucking habits can create crooked teeth or bite problems.  

Burlington Oakville Ontario thumbsucking pacifier crooked teeth kids orthodontist

Make an appointment with us so the pediatric dentist can have a discussion with your child and encourage them to stop the habit.  This advice, coupled with support from the parents often helps many children quit.  We can also recommend further behaviour modification techniques or an appliance that serves as a reminder for children who want to stop their habits.


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