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Burlington Children's Dentist see children of all ages

Think cavities are a problem you outgrow along with Barbie dolls and action figures?  Not true!!  


The Ontario Dental Association estimates that at least half of children at the age of 13 will have a cavity.  Gum disease is also becoming a significant problem with teens resulting in red or swollen gums that bleed or worse, lead to bad breath!  Yuck!



Dentistry for children in Oakville talk about bad breath in children.

With their hectic school schedules, extracurricular activities and busy social lives, teens have it tough as they assume greater responsibility for their own dental health and eating habits. Whether its studying for that big test or going to the movies frequently, teens may not eat healthy foods as regularly as they used to and are more prone at frequent snacking throughout the day.

DId you know that the average teen eats nine times a day!?!?!  Choose your snacks wisely! If you're on the run, choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead of the candy bar.  Other examples of tooth friendly snacks are cheese, yogurt and peanut butter.



Milton Dentist for Kids love healthy snacks for lunch boxes
Oakville children's Dentist look for ways to prevent cavities
Milton Pediatric Dentist recommend peanut butter as healthy snack
Dentistry for Children in Oakville prevent cavities

What about chewing gum?  We love gum!!  As long as its sugarless or better yet contains xylitol sugar which believe or not actually fights cavities!!!

Kids dentistry in Burlington help brush my child's teeth

Teens should not feel that they have outgrown their need for dental visits with their pediatric dentist. The habits that are formed during adolescence will carry over to adulthood.  Remember, the teeth you have now are PERMANENT and when we mean permanent we mean FOREVER!


Make sure to make an appointment today and keep up with your regular checkups to keep that great smile for the rest of your life.


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