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Milton Pediatric Dentists treat special needs patients

According to Statistics Canada, there are over 200,000 children in Canada with a disability. As a parent of a child with special needs, you may have concerns about your child's tolerance of a dental visit.  Whatever your concerns, do not postpone preventive dentistry for your child.


The good news is that people with special needs have better dental health than ever before.  Pediatric dentists are the dental professionals of choice for children with special needs bcause our additional training as specialists focuses specifically  on care for this population.  We understand that each child is unique and children with special needs may need extra care to feel comfortable during their dental visits.


We have extensive experience with kids and the following conditions:


  • Attention Deficit {hyperactivity} Disorder (ADD and ADHD) 

  • Autism

  • Down Syndrome

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Seizure disorders

  • Vision and hearing impairments

  • Craniofacial conditions such as cleft lip/palate 

  • Children with learning and developmental disabilities


Starting preventive dentistry early is particularly important for these children.  If dental care is started early and followed regularly, every child regardless of medical history can enjoy a healthy smile.


Unlike many of the health conditions faced by kids with special needs, dental disease is 100% PREVENTABLE. Therefore, a child with special needs will benefit from the same preventive approach that we recommend for all children:


  • Effective brushing and flossing

  • Limited Snacking

  • Adequate Fluoride

  • Sealants

  • Regular visits with your friendly pediatric dentist


However, we understand that sometimes this is easier said than done.  Some disabilities interfere with the ability  of the person to brush and floss on their own.  Some special needs kids are on specific diets that are detrimental to dental health or may have difficulty clearing food from their mouth.  Certain medications also lead to an increased risk of dental disease.


Don't worry! We understand and stand ready with a variety of possible approaches and encourage you to help select the best appraoch that is the right choice for any specific health and behavioural needs of your child.


We look forward to working together with caregivers, support organizations and patients with special needs to improve access to preventive dental services and make every effort to give these kids a healthy, bright smile! 

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