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As the child weans away from breastfeeding into a bottle or sippy cup, use nothing but water if the child is feeding at nighttime. When a child is given a bottle containing sugary liquids such as milk, formula, or fruit juice, their teeth are under constant attack by bacterial acid for extended periods.  This causes a condition commonly known as baby bottle tooth decay or early childhood caries (ECC).  To prevent this disease we encourage mothers to clean the baby's mouth with a wet washcloth after feeding and encourage a bottle with plain water during the nighttime.


Kids dentist in Milton treat children with cavities under general anesthesia

According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, early childhood caries is the most common infectious disease in Canadian children.  Roughly, 10% of canadian two year olds will have already experienced a cavity.


Left untreated, the direct consequences of ECC are pain and infection. However, research has also shown that an indirect consequence of ECC is the inability to eat properly and these kids are at risk of weighing less than 80% of their ideal weight. Nutritional deficiencies in a growing child may have lifelong impacts on their overall growth and development.


ECC begins as white, chalky spots usually on the upper front teeth.  These areas have this appearance due to a deficiency in calcium.  It is important to emphasize that cavities in baby teeth progress rapidly and the risk of developing an active cavity once these white spot lesions are present is extremely high without professional intervention.

Safari Children's Dentistry promote breastfeeding
Oakville children's dentist treat children under general anesthesia.

At Safari Children's Dentistry, our doctors have the tools necessary to educate and prevent these lesions from getting worse.   For example, we often recommend frequent visits to monitor lesions and apply fluoride varnish which substantial clinical research has shown to stop and reverse these lesions from progressing further.


Currently, 20% of all dental emergency visits are attributed to ECC and in more than half of the patients, these visits were the child's first contact with a dentist.


Lets reverse this trend!  Early dental visits and prevention is the key to a healthy, beautiful smile!  Call us and make your appointment today and lets work together to make our office a cavity-free zone!

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