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Weaning your child from the Pacifier

One of the most frequently asked question at Safari Children's Dentistry is:

How do I get my child to stop using the "paci," "susu," or "dodo"?

While using the pacifier is a natural and common habit during a child's toddler years, some children may continue the habit beyond the age of 3 years. The biggest concern with continuing the pacifier habit beyond the age of 3 years is that the sucking motion from the pacifier may cause crooked teeth or bite problems. Of course, any changes to a child's jaw and teeth due to a pacifier habit depends on the frequency, duration, and intensity.

We all know that it can take time to change a child's (or anyone's habit). And, there are many approaches to weaning a child from his/her pacifier habit. Have you tried slowly cutting the tops of the pacifier so your child thinks that it is "broken"?

If you need more ideas on ways to wean your child's pacifier habit, please discuss this with your pediatric dentist. You can always give Safari Children's Dentistry a call and we are more than happy to provide ideas on ways we can maintain your children's dental healthcare!

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