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Don't forget to floss your child's teeth!

Did you know that dental floss was used since ancient times? But, the invention of the floss credits to a New Orleans dentist in 1815. Johnson and Johnson was first to patent the silk dental floss in 1898.

Given the history of the dental floss, why are only 49% Americans flossing? It is well documented that flossing regularly helps prevent dental cavities in between the teeth. So, why are people not flossing?

Here are the 3 top excuses for not flossing:

  • I don't have time

  • My gums hurt

  • I ran out of floss

We hope that our pediatric dental patients are using more than 14 inches of dental floss per year! For parents who have difficulty flossing their child's teeth, we recommend parents use the dental floss sticks to make it easier for their child. Please check out our Parent's Corner for more information to maintain your children's dental healthcare!!flossing/ck57

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