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Happy Halloween from your local Burlington pediatric dentist!

Did you know that Halloween is the biggest candy-selling day? To our Safari pediatric parents: We know kids love candy, especially after a fun day of trick-or-treating.

Here are THREE sweet tips to help make sure these candy don't get attacked by the sugar bugs:

1. Have your candy as a desert, not a snack! Did you know that it's more the FREQUENCY of sugar exposure that causes cavities? It's NOT about the amount of sugar exposure. In between meals, our mouth does not produce as much saliva (a natural mouthwash). As a consequence, our mouths are dry and the sugar sticks to our teeth, allowing the sugar bugs to do it's cavity causing jobs!

2. Opt for candy with XYLITOL. Xylitol is a natural sugar from the birch tree. Xylitol is a great sugar alternative because the bacteria that causes cavities cannot thrive with sugar! We actually encourage xylitol as a good alternative. (But, be careful with overconsumption as side effects include osmotic diarrhea).

3. M&M's are better than gummy bears. Try to avoid sticky candies that clings to your teeth. Children tend to get cavities in the grooves of their molars or in between teeth. So, the stickier the sugar, the more likely it will stay on teeth until your child's teeth are brushed!

If you would like a more detailed explanation or more tips, please feel free to call Burlington's only pediatric dentist! We would be more than happy to provide creative ideas to customize your child's personal needs.

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