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While its true that baby teeth do eventually come out, many parents are surprised to learn that the back baby molars do not come out until age 12 meaning that kids have many of their baby teeth for 10 years!!!!

Baby teeth are important because they hold space for the permanent teeth to grow in.  If a baby tooth is lost early, teeth can begin to drift preventing further permanent teeth from erupting or forcing them to erupt in abnormal positions causing crooked teeth and abnormal bites.


Also, an infection in baby teeth can become abscessed, can cause a serious infection and cause discomfort for the child which can affect their school performance and eating habits.



Please ask your friendly Burlington and Milton Pediatric Dentist about baby molars
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Most kids start getting their baby teeth at around 7 months and can continue teething until the age of 3.  In total, you can expect your child to have 20 baby teeth.  Refer to the diagram to see average times specific teeth erupt.  

Burlington Oakville Ontario baby tooth milk teeth eruption chart teething




Please remember that these are just averages and we routinely see children getting their baby teeth much earlier or much later than this picture suggests.  Every child is unique!

Make an appointment as soon as you see your child's first tooth because our goal is:    


ONE baby tooth + ONE pediatric dental visit = ZERO cavities

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